GCS workshop for in-country partners a full success

GCS was delighted to have hosted a distinguished group of its partners from around the world last week. Over the course of two days, participants from five continents gathered at the GCS manufacturing base in Stockach, to receive an introduction to the latest product range and to be given a deeper insight into the full range of technologies and services that GCS provides. This year’s workshop, entitled “Safety Through Excellence – Business Success Working Together” also gave GCS a unique opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the crucial role of its in-country partners.

The international gathering pictured in front of the GCS-200 in Stockach

The international gathering pictured in front of the GCS-200 in Stockach

The event kicked off with a welcome address by CEO, Philipp von Michaelis. A factory tour then brought the participants behind the scenes of GCS, where they had the opportunity to get up-close to the action. On show was the complete refurbishment of MineWolf machines having been in service for over 7 years, and the manufacture of a batch of GCS-100 and 200 machines for recent orders secured for the Middle East and Africa. In the afternoon, GCS performed a series of equipment demonstrations of both of its multi-purpose platforms, along with their wide range of attachments. The demonstrations represented a variety of EOD/IEDD scenarios, one of which involved the successful removal of a suspect IED from under the bonnet of a car.

Following the tour and demonstrations, one GCS partner concluded: “GCS has accumulated a strong team of people with massive knowledge, experience and expertise in our line of industry, setting them apart from the rest.” Another added: “this gives us a real insight into GCS’s capabilities, modern manufacturing facilities and professional staff.”

As a very busy first day drew to a close, the participants were invited by GCS to unwind on a relaxing evening boat trip to the world-famous flower island of Mainau, on the picturesque Lake of Constance. During the informal evening meal, the participants expressed astonishment at the Lake Constance landscape and appreciation that the event offered; “a nice mixture of business, technology, cultural and social interaction.”

The second day of the workshop got off to a productive start for the international gathering. One partner summed up the session succinctly as: “a business forum exploring new opportunities, new market potentials and ways to expand our business with GCS.” The group entered a series of dynamic discussions on their markets, latest technologies, and specific client requirements. Together, GCS and their partners sought to define joint strategies in an effort to better respond to these requirements and to deliver superior solutions to meet customer and market requirements.

The workshop marked the first of a series of events that GCS plans to launch, in order to bring its key stakeholders together to discuss latest trends and developments in the industry. As the event came to a close, GCS and the international gathering of partners agreed that the workshop had been highly constructive and worthwhile with everyone involved looking forward to further collaboration and generating more business, as GCS continues to grow from strength to strength.