MILENG COE, Industry Day, Ingolstadt
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MILENG COE, Industry Day, Ingolstadt

Industry Day provides the unique platform where military subject matter experts from NATO bodies and countries have the chance to meet companies and enterprises, to share experience and knowledge in order to improve capabilities, products and services within the Military Engineering fields of expertise.

Global Clearance Solutions will be present with an indoor stand as well as the GCS-200 platform on the outdoor area.

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Open Day @ Global Clearance Solutions
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Open Day @ Global Clearance Solutions

Global Clearance Solutions (GCS) opened its doors to suppliers, families and friends on Friday, September 15, 2017 in Stockach.

On September 15, 2017, GCS presented itself for the first time on its premises to suppliers and guests with presentations, info corners and product demonstrations. 

CEO Philipp von Michaelis welcomed the invitees, informed about the open day program, the charity collection for the NGO World without Mines and gave an overview of GCS' product range and its capabilities.

GCS EOD expert Marco Pohlers demonstrated today’s threats through anti-tank, anti-personnel mines and explosive remnants of war such as submunition and aircraft bombs. He also gave an introduction into the growing risks resulting from improvised explosive devises (IED). An overview was given of the CGS’ new Counter‐IED (C‐IED) training programmes covering all aspects of planning and conducting C‐IED operations, including methods responding to the IED threat.

Vallon, a manufacturer of metal detectors (mine detectors), IED detectors and ferrous locators, unexploded ordnance (bomb) locators for humanitarian and military applications. Vallon had a demo field with a selection of their latest products on display.

Visitors where invited to test their navigation skills, steering the GCS-100 platform remotely through an obstacle parcours. On the CGS-200 platform, guests practiced their skills with the remote control, piling car tires from one stack to the other or placing a screw into the opening of a bottle.

The production hall was open to all guests to learn about production and assembly procedures of the GCS-100 and GCS-200. 

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  • Gdańsk International Fair Co. (map)
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Come and meet us at EUROPOLTECH, the International Fair of Technology
and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services in Gdańsk, Poland.

Together with MAW Telecom, we will be exhibiting the GCS-100 in C-IED configuration at stand Nr. 23, hall B.

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