We have just released the GCS-100 remote-controlled Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) platform. It is designed to be the most versatile, compact and easy-to-use platform on the market for conducting dangerous, multi-scenario operations. We reply to an increasing demand for multi-purpose usability for new situational challenges in permanently mutated conflict zones around the world.



  • A leading provider of safe, reliable, fast and cost-efficient solutions for the disposal of landmines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other remnants of war. 
  • Established in 2015
  • GCS has over 50 employees
  • Our clients are international aid organisations, governments and commercial organisations
  • We have an outstanding team of experts with a wide range of highly relevant competencies. Our people have over 10 years' experience in the use of mechanical clearance solutions and in serving customers all over the world. 
  • Our headquarters are in Freienbach, Switzerland. Our production facility is in Stockach, Germany.


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