Provision of Service Support for The Development Initiative in Abyei, Sudan



GCS mainained vehicle as part of a mine clearing team in Sudan

Scope of TDI’s mine clearance operations in Sudan

The United Nations Interim Security Force (UNISFA) was established in June 2011 to provide security within the disputed region of Abyei, Sudan, pending a referendum which would decide the final status of the area. This was further expanded to include the provision of support to the Joint Border Verification Monitoring Mission (JBVMM) whose objective is to patrol the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone, a 10km wide strip both north and south of the new international border between Sudan and South Sudan. In 2015, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) selected The Development Initiative (TDI) to support both UNISFA and the JBVMM with the 4 Integrated Clearance Teams (ICT) with two mechanical clearance elements, with the ability to rapidly deploy anywhere along the Sudan/South Sudan border and safe demilitarized border zone.


GCS Approach:

GCS maintained vehicle with tiller attachment during mine clearing operations in dry and hard terrain with medium vegetation density in Sudan

GCS Track record in Sudan

For this project, TDI have sub-contracted Global Clearance Solutions (GCS) to provide the delivery of equipment, spare parts, logistics support, and provision of 2 Field Technicians (FT), 2 Mechanical Demining Operators and one relief FT/Mechanic. GCS provided highly qualified and experienced   mechanical   teams responsible   for   operating, servicing, repairing, and   maintaining   the mechanical systems as well as providing technical advice on their operational use.


GCS field technicians performing a daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment to ensure optimum performance in Sudan.



TDI Mission Success and GCS contract renewal

Thanks to GCS support, TDI was able to complete their clearance missions successfully in support of UNISFA and JBVMM in the harshest conditions. This successful cooperation led to a contract extension for GCS in 2016 to 2017.