The GCS-100 

The most versatile, compact and easy-to-use remote-controlled explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) platform suited for mine and IED clearance in ultra-rugged, hard to access and urban environments.



The GCS-100 is the smallest of our two available platforms and outperforms any similar product on the market. It’s a versatile, compact, remote-controlled platform suited for Technical Survey, Anti-Personnel minefields, C-IED, Runway and Route Clearance in ultra-rugged, hard-to-access urban environments.

  • Easily transported on 4x4 pickup or by helicopter

  • Meets the requirements of diverse organizations: internal security, special forces, police, military

  • High-endurance platform with rubber tracks and an assortment of multi-purpose attachments

  • Designed to effectively clear anti-personnel mines

  • Multi-purpose “long reach” robotic arm with various front tools for IED and ERW clearance

  • Robotic arm capabilities include gripping/lifting heavy objects (max. 400 kg), digging, cutting, disrupting/de-arming

  • Standard three-point hitch with a range of interchangeable custom-made or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) attachments

  • Camera system allows safe and precise operation in high-threat zones

  • Suitable for operations in narrow and urban areas as well as on steep terrain


Your Benefits


Quick and easy access to crucial components is vital when operating in unstable environments lacking a local infrastructure. Our falcon wing doors do exactly that.

Well-balanced weight distribution 

Safety comes first. The GCS-100 offers advanced stability when operating the machine with heavy attachments thanks to the well-balanced weight distribution.

Safe integration of all crucial components

When operating in the field, the outer shell protects all precious components. The electronic units, the camera system, the exhaust pipe and the lifting lugs are all securely attached or integrated underneath the outer shell. The fire extinguisher is safely embedded in an indentation of the GCS-100.

Camera system

The pan–tilt–zoom (PTZ) camera system offers an adjustable camera arm that can be moved horizontally and vertically while operating for more flexibility and better visibility plus a back-up fixed-angle reversing camera. During transport the camera can be lowered into a secure position. The system also includes infrared (IR) and thermal capabilities.

Cooling system

The large-area cooling system from back to front ensures the complete cooling and greater longevity of all components, as well as faster and more effective cooling of the engine.

Uncompromised design

The GCS-100 features a modern, distinctive and sophisticated design that is in line with the GCS-200 product family.


Technical Specifications



The GCS-100 can be fitted to C-IED, Mine Clearance and Runway Clearance configuration. Other configurations upon request.








Our Other Platform

The GCS-200 - our multi-purpose, unmanned EOD platform for heavy-duty clearance tasks with maximum survivability in high-threat environments.