Who We Are

The multinational team at GCS with over 20 years of experience in more than 30 countries, has worked together with the United Nations, international NGOs, government organizations and security companies all over the world. With its product range, GCS employs state-of-the-art technologies, while at the same time relying on tried-and-tested components.

GCS was established in 2015, with headquarters in Freienbach, Switzerland, and a production facility in Stockach, Germany.

GCS received DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification December 28, 2017


Our Competence and Expertise

GCS is proud to have an outstanding team of experts with a wide range of highly relevant competencies. Our people have extensive experience in the use of mechanical clearance solutions and in serving customers all over the world.


A New Challenge

Wars and civil wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Libya and Iraq have seen focus shift from traditional mine clearance to the disposal of booby traps and other explosive remnants of war (cluster munitions, unexploded bombs). This is the case now, particularly in regions where the so-called Islamic State has been defeated, where widespread distribution of IEDs is preventing Iraqi refugees from returning to their towns and villages.

In addition, attacks with car bombs and IEDs are also increasing in the countries bordering the conflict states, with the intent of creating the greatest possible damage among the civilian population. These remnants of war will need to be removed once the wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq are over.

Nevertheless, in terms of humanitarian demining, traditional mine clearance will continue to be a task that will occupy the international community for many years to come.


Our Approach

GCS’s products are comprised of two components: a platform, and an attachment that can be changed quickly depending on the use. These attachments range from a robotic arm for IED clearance to a sweeping brush for removing remnants of war. The current platforms are more compact than comparable models, and hence easier to use and transport. With its new product range, GCS employs state-of-the-art technologies, while at the same time relying on tried-and-tested components.

GCS’s product portfolio includes comprehensive client advisory services on the use of a wide range of technologies and different technical areas of application, as well as service, maintenance, logistics and management.